What are the biggest advantages of the company Panplast d.o.o.:

  • We establish long-term business relationships with our customers
  • Constant technological development
  • Experiences and expertise in our own development of tools and new materials

Our advantages in on the market are many experiences and knowledge, which we gained with developing our own tools and new materials. All that has positive impact on our production and helped us to shorten the time of completing order of customer. It also allows the customer to receive products that he orders in the shortest possible time.

Panplast is a reliable business partner!

Why choose Panplast?

  • Consulting – with us you will never be on your own
  • We have our own production of film
  • Our own tool workshop – we fully create all the tools that we need for manufacturing of the packaging
  • Environmentally friendly materials – because we do care for the environment

Why do we have so many satisfied customers?

Our motto is that we try to adjust to the customer’s wishes and needs and enable him realization of all his ideas and concepts.

Our priority is flexibility, which is the result of our knowledge and years of experiences. That enables us to respond as quickly as possible and serve all your needs. That’s how you save both, your time and your money.

We can manufacture different surface of your packaging by your choice:

  • smooth or processed into the desired structure
  • without labels or with engraved logos or logo

In addition, we also offer different color of packaging:

  • Transparent,
  • Translucent or
  • Colored.

We can set colors can by your wishes, according to the pantone scale. We can also bond, merge, print and equip with bar code the scale to fit your wishes.

With all these features we can significantly shorten the time between your order and our delivery of your packaging that we made of your choice!