Quality policy

Our vision is to become an established manufacturer of plastic packaging for food packaging.

To achieve this we will follow next points:

  • we will provide services within the agreed deadlines,
  • we will invest in new technologies,
  • we will continuously maintain and increase ethical and professional standards (we will take special care for our customers with extra regard to hygiene regulations, which are set by the standards for products, which come in contact with food),
  • We will make quality for our business philosophy, which says, that our costumer has the right to receive a high quality product at a fair price,
  • We will strive towards the ensuring that our work will be done with high quality in all fields of business.

Get to know high-quality materials that we use at our work

Primary concern of our company is quality of products and care for the environment.

Plastic containers, that we produce for food packaging, are made from:

  • PP – polypropylene film,
  • PS – polystyrene film and
  • PET – film.

All packaging are suitable for processing with substantial recycling and energy recovery with the acquisition of heat in accordance with the 8th Article of Decree on the management of packaging and packaging waste (Ur. L. RS, 84/06).

Environmental policy

Our company PANPLAST d.o.o. takes constant care of the use of environmentally friendly materials and implements business processes, which protect the environment, preserve natural resources and reduce the impacts, which arise in the process.

With the introduction of environmental management systems , we commit ourselves to:

  • continue to constantly improve our care for the environment and try to reduce the pollution,
  • operate in accordance with the adopted and currently applicable legislation and requirements of stakeholders in which we agreed,
  • strive for efficient use of energy and rational exploitation of natural resources and select materials that have minor impact on the environment,
  • update production with ecological standards,
  • for a dialogue on environmental issues with suppliers, customers and interested public,
  • separately collect waste at source itself,
  • commit to continual improvement of the environmental management system.

We care for the environment and we try to minimize the environmental nuisance!

We produce and extrude PP, PET and PS films ourselves. All materials are produced in the EU.

Because we produce the films ourselves, we also re-use all waste, residues and low-quality containers to make new films. That’s how we diminish the burden of the production on the environment.