How does the production work?

We develop and design all the tools we need and then we also create them in our own tool workshop. This is followed by the thermal conversion or thermoforming and with final processing of the packaging. In accordance with the wishes of the customers we can add to the packaging different logos, bar codes etc.. After that the package is ready to be assumed by the customer.

We make all products on the principle of thermoforming (thermal conversion of the film).

What makes us successful?

All of us, managers, professionals and production workers, are aware, that we built this company with great effort and sacrifices, and that’s why we want to maintain the achieved level and in the future make this company even more successful among the manufacturers of plastic packaging..

Our joint concern, to operate in all aspects as harmonized as possible and with that provide quality products, makes our company even stronger and better.

This gives us support and means on our way to higher quality.

Our company continues to invest in new, modern, more powerful and more rational production equipment and is planning future growth and increased export to the countries of the European Union and other Eastern European countries.

Today, we are mainly an export company, because we achieve majority of our traffic on foreign markets